Aqua Carpatica | Carpathian Springs

Carpathian Springs is a bottler of AQUA Carpatica mineral water and is a member of Valvis Holding. The object of activity is the production of non-alcoholic soft drinks; the production of mineral waters and other bottled waters.

Stainless Steel Factory – Carbon Steel Products – Industrial Components – stainless steel products. The company manufactures machinery for earthworks for power plants, environmental protection equipment, lifting and transport, their parts and spare parts.


Lidas - Tulcea

Lidas, an important bakery manufacturer in Tulcea, offers bakery and pastry milling products to consumers. Constant investments in production lines and innovative technologies, in their own R & D capabilities, have led to the making of bakery and pastry products in the best hygienic and safe conditions.


Swarco Vicas - Târgoviște

SWARCO VICAS produces and markets for the Romanian and Eastern European markets a wide range of road marking systems, as well as protective and decorative paints and varnishes. SWARCO VICAS also markets reflective glass microbes adapted to the various road marking systems required.


Etnis | Vaillant Partner - Iași

The Etnis company is engaged in the design of machine tools. ETNIS covers the complexity of the activities carried out by the whole process of building a heating installation: designing, obtaining the necessary permits for the operation of such an installation, equipment delivery and installation, gas installation, post-warranty service. The KMR IoT software connects the equipment provided to customers by ETNIS and gives them control and data acquisition.

Academia Fortelor Terestre Sibiu - logo

Land Forces Academy - Sibiu

“Nicolae Balcescu” Land Forces Academy is the higher military education institution empowered to organize and carry out university studies designed to train command officers for the Romanian Army Ground Forces and other beneficiaries of the national defense, public order and national security system .

The KMR software is a teaching tool that helps students learn maintenance principles and use CMMS.

Elpreco is the largest producer of precast concrete elements in the Oltenian region, the range of products includes: masonry and thermal insulation systems from BCA, pavement systems that provide all the necessary elements for exterior fittings and concrete sewer systems.


Artifex Fashion - Focșani

ARTIFEX SRL is a Major Romanian Garment Manufacturer.  Envisioning a company “where fashion meets
technology,” Sorste Group decided after more than 11 years
of experience in garment industrial manufacturing to create
Artifex SRL which is now continually looking for innovative
ways to increase quality, productivity and efficiency. 


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